Sandwiched between Venezuela and Suriname, Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America and belongs to the Commonwealth States. Large parts of the country are covered in tropical rainforest. The agricultural sector dominates the country's economy. Despite having rich natural resources of bauxite, gold and timber, Guyana has struggled to overcome poverty and attract investment to bolster its economy.

Guyana itself contributes little to climate change, but would be severely affected if sea levels were to rise. Guyana is low-lying, the flat coastal plain endangered by floods. The most important cities, including the capital Georgetown, are close to the coast. About 90 per cent of all inhabitants of Guyana live in this coastal strip. The country is struggling to tackle its nationwide housing shortage. Its capital is particularly affected. Thousands of people in the slums of Georgetown live in extremely poor conditions.

PSUP Contributions and Achievements

Since Guyana only recently joined the countries working with the PSUP, there are no concrete contributions to list in this section. However, we expect our work to contribute to the country’s community development and a better life for slum dwellers.